Following up the news on the British regional carrier flybe facing a cash shortage and urgently seeking extra cash to avoid collapse, we took a look at what possibilites and outcomes face the industry, namely, airports.

Short reminder: The airline already faced a collapse in late 2018 when it was saved at the last minute by a takeover bid submitted by Connect Airways, a consortium of Virgin AtlanticStobart Group, and Cyrus Capital. However, seems like problems occurred this year as well.

Flybe represents the 3rd largest domestic carrier by capacity in the United Kingdom with 23,5% share, after easyJet and British Airways.

AirlineCapacity% of total
British Airways126.13730,37%
Aer Lingus7.3081,76%
Skybus (United Kingdom)1.0640,26%
Hebridean Air Services2700,06%

When it comes to frequency, the airline operates the most domestic flights in the United Kingdom, with every 1 of 3 domestic flights operated by flybe:

AirlineFrequency% of total
British Airways81620,24%
Skybus (United Kingdom)561,39%
Aer Lingus421,04%
Hebridean Air Services300,74%

With it’s fleet of 67, flybe operates capacity out of 42 airports next week – 23 in the UK.

AirportCapacity% of Total
Manchester Int'l (MAN), GB19.85214,84%
Birmingham Int'l (BHX), GB18.08213,51%
Southampton (SOU), GB17.35512,97%
Belfast City (BHD), GB16.39412,25%
Edinburgh (EDI), GB13.66810,22%
London Heathrow (LHR), GB7.1765,36%
Aberdeen Dyce (ABZ), GB5.9594,45%
London City (LCY), GB5.9464,44%
Glasgow Int'l (GLA), GB5.9204,42%
Exeter (EXT), GB5.1483,85%
Cardiff (CWL), GB4.9103,67%
Newquay (NQY), GB2.5741,92%
Leeds/Bradford (LBA), GB2.1511,61%
East Midlands (EMA), GB1.9811,48%
Newcastle, GB (NCL), GB1.9641,47%
Liverpool (LPL), GB1.4261,07%
London Southend (SEN), GB1.0180,76%
Inverness (INV), GB5660,42%
Teesside (MME), GB5210,39%
Humberside (HUY), GB4490,34%
Bristol Int'l (BRS), GB2980,22%
Anglesey (VLY), GB2900,22%
Wick (WIC), GB1450,11%

The highest number of flights scheduled in the week from 13th of January to 19th of January 2020 to be operated by flybe is from Manchester (250 per week), followed by Southampton (235), Birmingham (220) and Belfast City (205):

AirportCapacity% of Total
Manchester Int'l (MAN), GB25013,95%
Southampton (SOU), GB23513,11%
Birmingham Int'l (BHX), GB22012,28%
Belfast City (BHD), GB20511,44%
Edinburgh (EDI), GB1719,54%
Aberdeen Dyce (ABZ), GB1065,92%
London Heathrow (LHR), GB925,13%
Glasgow Int'l (GLA), GB
Cardiff (CWL), GB734,07%
London City (LCY), GB724,02%
Exter (EXT), GB663,68%
Newcastle, GB (NCL), GB392,18%
Leeds/Bradford (LBA), GB372,06%
Newquay (NQY), GB331,84%
East Midlands (EMA), GB271,51%
Liverpool (LPL), GB191,06%
London Southend (SEN), GB150,84%
Teesside (MME), GB
Humberside (HUY), GB140,78%
Anglesey (VLY), GB100,56%
Inverness (INV), GB70,39%
Bristol Int'l (BRS), GB60,33%
Wick (WIC), GB50,28%

According to the data available at ch-aviation capacities module, we have summarized the possible consequences on airports if flybe suspends operations.

Here is the list of 12 (out of 23) to be most affected UK airports with more than 10% of the flybe capacity, led by Anglesey, where flybe is the only operator. Airports like Southampton, Newquay, Exter Belfast City and Cardiff tend to have the highest risk:

Airport% of flybe. capacity
Anglesey (VLY), GB100,00%
Southampton (SOU), GB
Newquay (NQY), GB78,57%
Exeter (EXT), GB67,69%
Belfast City (BHD), GB66,15%
Cardiff (CWL), GB45,79%
Wick (WIC), GB42,27%
Teesside (MME), GB24,75%
Aberdeen Dyce (ABZ), GB20,82%
Humberside (HUY), GB19,51%
Birmingham Int'l (BHX), GB16,75%
Edinburgh (EDI), GB10,77%

A similar picture emerges by the number of departures, but this time we have 19 airports with more than 10% of flights operated by flybe.  Again, the list is led by the Anglesey and followed by Southampton, Exter, Belfast City, Newquay, Cardiff, Wick, etc.

Airport% of flybe. frequency
Anglesey (VLY), GB100,00%
Southampton (SOU), GB89,69%
Exeter (EXT), GB83,54%
Belfast City (BHD), GB78,54%
Newquay (NQY), GB75,00%
Cardiff (CWL), GB65,18%
Wick (WIC), GB45,45%
Teesside (MME), GB45,45%
Humberside (HUY), GB41,18%
Birmingham Int'l (BHX), GB30,56%
Aberdeen Dyce (ABZ), GB30,37%
Leeds/Bradford (LBA), GB21,89%
Edinburgh (EDI), GB18,87%
Manchester Int'l (MAN), GB18,32%
East Midlands (EMA), GB15,61%
Newcastle, GB (NCL), GB14,72%
Glasgow Int'l (GLA), GB12,98%
London Southend (SEN), GB11,28%
London City (LCY), GB10,81%

The overall picture shows tremendous affects for some regional airports in the UK as flybe is the largest domestic operator in the UK in terms of flights frequency.

ch-aviation capacities module provides instant detailed capacity, frequency and market share information by airlines and airports worldwide.

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