A little over a month ago we added one of our most requested features to ch-aviation PRO – fleets download. We released this feature together with the big revamp of our fleets search function, allowing you – our customers – to get the most out of our datasets for perfect search results. Hearing from the […]

We are extremely thrilled to announce that our ch-aviation aircraft fleet data is now ready for instant download! We have spent months developing a sharp, easy-to-use and superfast logic that allows you to download any of your search queries within our aircraft database. Don’t waste any more time copying and pasting fleet data into a […]

In day to day work, it all comes down to finding the right information and quickly. In aviation, things are happening at an ever faster pace. That is why we are committed to providing you with fast, easy-to-find and accurate information. When we released our new modules in 2015, we focused on providing clear visibility […]

These are our events for 2017. If you would like to meet with us just drop us a line at: sales@ch-aviation.com

ch-aviation has exciting new features ready for you and your colleagues with the new additions we have made available for ch-aviation pro. As of today, you will be able to use our airline intelligence information even more effectively thanks to the following new product features we have just rolled out for you: 1) Aircraft Search […]

We have launched another massive round of enhancements to our Aircraft module today. Our database now includes engine details for the 38,114 aircraft we currently track in our database with over 1,000 aircraft status updates every month. In addition, we have also introduced new search options allowing aircraft to be searched by year built (one […]

We have now added a new aircraft search option for you if you are just looking for an aircraft by registration, airline or aircraft type quickly giving you access to aircraft details even quicker than before. As of right now, you can use our new Quick Search function that will by default be the standard […]

Earlier this evening, we have upgraded ch-aviation to include a new set of features in our Aircraft module including: 1) Average age display for each airline profile by aircraft type and for the complete airline fleet. 2) New Aircraft search options allowing you to include either former operator(s) or date built in Aircraft list displays for […]