This year, the airline with the youngest aircraft fleet worldwide is Uganda Airlines. The African country’s national carrier has therefore been named Winner of the “ch-aviation World’s Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award 2021”, with an average aircraft age of 1.15* years. To determine which airlines currently operate the youngest aircraft fleets, ch-aviation maintains an extensive aircraft […]

ch-aviation announces cooperation with Haaga-Helia University, a strong, business-oriented university of applied sciences, providing access to more than one hundred Aviation Business Administration students. The new partnership with the Finland-based university provides students with access to the ch-aviation database and supports them throughout their studies. “If you are educating the airline managers of tomorrow, you […]

Nothing changes quicker than the airline industry right now. With more than 4’000 airlines on this planet, one can quickly lose oversight. That’s where we come into play. A ch-aviation subscription lifts the fog of the airline industry through our airline data and news. You will know who is around, how they are doing, and […]

Welcome to ch-aviation’s 1st annual Year in Review, where we bring you our recap of everything that happened. First of all, we want to thank you for staying with us during this very different year. We did our best to keep you updated, give you useful insights, and provide you with valuable data. In 2020, […]

We’re proud to announce a partnership with the Institute for Aviation & Tourism (IAT) of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Fuelling the young institute with our exclusive news and data, we’re hoping to bring expertise in the field of aviation to the Frankfurt UAS. Our database provides detailed production lists and aircraft details as […]

The fleets history project is our largest data release since we started ch-aviation PRO in 2012. It is the first time we add a historical dimension to our aircraft data as you can now clearly see how an airline’s fleet developed over time or how certain aircraft types became more popular in usage than others. This module […]

Dear ch-aviation community, I am happy to give you another update on all features and fixes our development team has released throughout September. NEWS   News Tags We have added news tags. You can now filter our news by tags. Please choose from one of many news tags in the dropdown menu and search our news […]

Aircraft Lease End Dates: Over the last couple of years we have built an extensive aircraft lease end-date database that we are now releasing. The new aircraft lease end data is part of the ch-aviation fleets ownership module and will be displayed for every aircraft on an operating lease for which ch-aviation is able to […]