With many passenger scheduled flights grounded due to reduced demand and government-imposed limitations worldwide, freight operators are seeking other ways to deliver cargo capacity. Some airlines are using their passenger aircraft with only belly capacity for cargo carriage.

We recommend following COVID-19 airline updates available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers for the latest updates. We have a special daily tracker called “Carriers deploy passenger aircraft as freighters.”

A more interesting move by some airlines is the quick conversion to additional cargo capacity by removing passenger seats from the cabin. A growing number of airlines around the world have begun reconfiguring their passenger aircraft as makeshift freighters, with cabin modification, to meet soaring demand for cargo capacity in the current COVID-19 global economic climate.

The ch-aviation fleets advanced module enables you to search for such aircraft.

For example, this Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER, registered as C-FIVX, had seats removed and is now used to carry more cargo than using just the belly capacity. We set this aircraft in cargo role.

ch-aviation fleets advanced subscribers are able to search for passenger aircraft in cargo role. You can use our “Aircraft Search” feature and select passenger aircraft type or model (or family) with setting “Cargo” as aircraft role search criteria.

For example, as of May 4, 2020, such search returns results of two active aircraft, one A320 from “Air Serbia” and 1 A319 from “FlyBosnia.”

We played a bit more and did a quick search that lasted less than one second to see what Boeing 777-300ERs are now in active service with seats removed for cargo roles:

Such query results with seven aircraft from “Air Canada” and “Ethiopian Airlines”:

Our data researchers are updating fleet data every day. More and more airlines are in talks with aircraft manufacturers about the conversion of its passenger aircraft to freighters.

Development in the industry are now very rapid, so stay tuned with the latest updates available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers.

With the latest update of ch-aviation PRO we have added new features and functionalities to the ch-aviation fleet module. You can now easily see seat data, and also search on MTOW, build date, and seat info. Read more

A little over a month ago we added one of our most requested features to ch-aviation PRO – fleets download. We released this feature together with the big revamp of our fleets search function, allowing you – our customers – to get the most out of our datasets for perfect search results. Hearing from the people who use ch-aviation PRO every day helps us build features that make a difference in your daily work.

We are happy to say that the initial launch was very well received, and based on feedback from our users, we are already preparing small updates that will enhance the look and feel even further.

What can downloads do for you?

Let’s say your boss has a marvellous vision to expand your business to a new geographical area.

“Africa,” he says. “Let’s go to Africa!”

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In day to day work, it all comes down to finding the right information and quickly. In aviation, things are happening at an ever faster pace. That is why we are committed to providing you with fast, easy-to-find and accurate information.

When we released our new modules in 2015, we focused on providing clear visibility into different data sets, each one cross-referenced to each other – and aimed to make your searches easy, quick and painless.

However, there was one question we heard quite often: How can you locate constant changes occurring in our database?

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ch-aviation has reached another exciting milestone with the launch of our new ch-aviation fleet ownership module.
ch-aviation fleet ownership is offered as an additional module to ch-aviation fleets. See who owns or manages a specific aircraft, see full lessor portfolios and aircraft financed through an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle). ch-aviation ownership gives you the full insight.
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