After we launched our redesigned Airline Search with hundreds of new options to filter the airlines you need, it’s time for enhanced access to another data set – Contacts.

At ch-aviation we are following more than 10,000 senior airline management contacts. As of now, information was only accessible through the tab in the airline profile, where you can check management contact information for almost any active and start-up airline on the planet.

But now Contacts also has new advanced search capabilities. You can access the Contact Search by choosing the second tab in the Airlines section.

The search form will be intuitive for anyone already using our Fleets search or Airline search. You are able to filter contacts by airline type, airline location, airlines fleet details or even engine details! Last, but not least, we included the option to search by personal details  like name or job title.

contact downloads

Search results are visible on the same page after a quick search. You are able to edit columns and add information you need for better results filtering. Any column also works as sorting criteria.

contacts download

New Contact Search capabilities are available for everyone who has an active ch-aviation PRO + Contacts subscription. If you are interested in this, please let us know and we will arrange a demonstration for you. Also, we offer trials so you can see how Contacts data can benefit your business.

And to help you keep track of job chages, these are reported on the „Who‘s on the move“ section under the News tab (included in ch-aviation PRO + Contacts subscription).

For a quick familiarization of this new Contact Search tool, you are invited to join one of these free online webinars:

From now on we offer an opportunity to download Contact Search results. You can edit the columns you need and get access to an unlimited number of downloads in Excel, CSV or JSON formats.

Contact Downloads are available for 750 EUR as an addition to your ch-aviation PRO + Contacts subscription.

Contact Downloads joins the list of other downloadable options of ch-aviation data. You can also download Fleets, Ownership and Airlines data. All these databases can integrate with your business intelligence systems, CRM or market monitoring tools. Please get in touch with us to see how these powerful additions can benefit your business.

We follow more than 10,000 organizations worldwide which are recognised as “an airline”. These are scheduled airlines, divisions, charter companies, virtual carriers, cargo airlines, business airlines, government companies or manufacturers and key suppliers operating aircraft for testing, production and other functions.

Some of these airlines are active, some of them are already out of business for different reasons, and almost 500 of the airlines we track in the world are start-ups (unfortunately, some of them will never start flying).

Last month, we gave you more power for airline search capability. All ch-aviation PRO users are now able to use multi-selection features which help you identify a list of airlines by type, location, aircraft or engine locations. All searches may be saved and reloaded later.

Now, we are adding additional information about the airlines we track.

Here’s the additional data fields you are able to view for the airlines:

Legal name;
Phone number;
Charter email;
Address (including city and country);
Links to the airline’s website, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter profiles;
Stock market code (if the company is listed);
Parent company (if it’s also an airline);
Historical data on any mergers (if applicable);
Charter availability;
Cargo carrier type;
Airline launch date;
Airline end data (if airline is not operating any more).

We also added some further specifics when tracking start-ups: description of the company, when company was added to our lists, when we last updated information and when the airline intends to start operations (indicated as a quarterly period).

This new airline data is available for free for all current ch-aviation PRO subscribers. ch-aviation PRO provides you with unlimited access to exclusive news, airline and airport databases.

As a new option, you are able to sign-up for the airline downloads function which will allow you to export any search results of airline data, complete with your selection of data columns. With our airline download module, our airline data is ready for instant and unlimited downloads either as Excel, CSV or JSON file. This is an optional subscription available at just EUR 200 per year. If you are interested in this, please contact us at

From now on, we are giving more power and functionality to all ch-aviation PRO subscribers: a new type of airline search.

At ch-aviation we follow more than 10,000 entities operating aircraft, although not all of these are what we’d traditionally identify as ‘airlines.’ Instead we call ‘airlines’ anything from national carriers to the list of companies or entities that own aircraft, including manufacturers, suppliers, governmental organisations and so on. We wanted to offer you a more powerful tool to be able to control and filter all this information.

The new airline search will be easy to use for all our “fleets advanced” module subscribers – as we have incorporated all the new features into the module’s aircraft search function. This means you are now able to use multi-selection features which will help you identify a list of airlines by type, location, aircraft or engine specifications. From now on, you’ll also be able to save your search parameters and “Load searches” from previously saved searches.

A quick look at the functionality of the new features:
1. Search by name or code, get lists by alliances, types and status (also available as multi-select option);
2. Filtering airlines by location (also with multi-select options);
3. Search lists of airlines by aircraft or engine details (multi-selections also possible);
4. Filter smaller or larger airlines by your specified parameters: minimum (or maximum) number of aircraft in the fleet or aircraft size measures;
5. You are able to search any combination of parameters or also load search filters from previously used searches;
6. You can edit the columns you want to see in search results: choose any combination to save and you’ll have the ability to view these again later.

This new airline search functionality comes free of charge for all current ch-aviation PRO subscribers. ch-aviation PRO provides you with unlimited access to exclusive news, our airline database and our airport database.