With our new Aircraft Order, Aircraft Delivery and Aircraft Retirement Data, you are now ahead of the game by thoroughly predicting market trends and detecting future market demands earlier than your competitors. You can now plan the future and make the right decisions based on our data. These features are an upgrade of the existing ch-aviation fleets advanced module.

After the launch of our fleets history module in December, enabling our users to go back in time, we’re now allowing them to “look” into the future.

We understand how hard and frustrating it is to get ahold of reliable Order Book data. Tracking this Data and all the changes yourself, especially in the current situation, is almost impossible. The numerous order cancellations are not making this situation any easier. Our research team has spent months researching and verifying Order book information using hundreds of different sources under the most complex circumstances. This valuable data shall help you now to plan the post-pandemic future as best as possible.

You are now able to:

  • Search for Aircraft Orders by Order Entity, Order Date, Order Cancellation Date, with Order Commentary included
  • Search for Aircraft Deliveries by Delivery Date or Delivery Dana Type, which can be Confirmed, Estimated or Actual
  • Search for Aircraft Retirement Data by Project Retirement Date or Projected Retirement Data Type, which can be Confirmed, Estimated or Minimum Until Date

Take a look at the video below explaining the new features in details and how to use and benefit from them:

Another example of how this Data enables you to plan your business’s future can be seen in the graph below, where you can see all the deliveries for European LCCs for the next ten years.

As an Airport, you want to know which Airlines are getting new aircraft in the future because that means they will have to open new routes and bases. It is straightforward for you to pull a list of all outstanding orders for any narrowbody aircraft in Europe and when they are getting delivered. That’s how you figure out when is the right time to approach an airline to convince them to base those new aircraft at your airport.

As a lessor, you want to know how the supply of a specific aircraft type is growing or shrinking in the future so you can predict how the market will look like. For lessors, it is also helpful to know when aircraft types are rolling over from one generation to another. That way, you can forecast the best timing to transition your portfolio. For example, suppose you’re now in possession of a large Boeing 737 NG aircraft portfolio, and you are looking into replacing it with the new Boeing 737MAX. Our Data will show you exactly how many Boeing 737NG’s are out there, how many will be retired and when. Then you can compare this to how many Boeing 737MAX are on order, how many are being delivered and when. That way, you can very quickly determine if that is a good aircraft to invest in or if you should look into another type instead. This will greatly help you to plan your future investments and enable you to be one step ahead of understanding the market trends.

If you want to see how to access the Data, please book a webinar here: https://calendly.com/ch-aviation-team/microsoft-teams-call.

The fleets history project is our largest data release since we started ch-aviation PRO in 2012. It is the first time we add a historical dimension to our aircraft data as you can now clearly see how an airline’s fleet developed over time or how certain aircraft types became more popular in usage than others. This module has been “the” missing piece, which complements very well other fleet data we are currently tracking like Engine, Aircraft Ownership, or Utilization data.

In the video below, you can see how important this project was to us, how our team managed the workflow and operations, and how glad we are to present it to you finally:

The project kick-off started with splitting the aircraft by production lines and assigning researchers to rebuild history for every single frame depending on the aircraft’s current status: the ones with an operator have got the full history rebuilt and the other’s history of the year 2000. We were facing many single frame issues, unknown change dates, operator changes, and obviously, we did not foresee the COVID-19 effect and the changes back then either.

Still, we have managed to release the historical data for 44.436 aircraft, with the following methodology:

  • If an aircraft is with an operator – full historical data is presented
  • For all inactive aircraft that operated during the 21st century (2000-today), we show the history back till the year 2000.
  • Aircraft built and retired before 2000 – no historical data is presented.

We would also like to emphasize our quality assurance process. By now, we have around 20 quality assurance reports that are cross-referencing databases for any illogical issues just for the aircraft history database. With every weekly upload of the aircraft database, we are re-checking all the data, starting from the first uploads. But that is what is important in this business: making sure we keep the data quality.

AIRCRAFT HISTORY SEARCH ENGINE – The possibilities for fleet analysis are now endless.

Our intuitive fleet development graphs allow you to filter for specific types, enabling you to get the full picture on, for example, how an airline switched from a Boeing to an Airbus fleet. By filtering out between those two manufacturers, you can see in which year that transition happened.

It is also interesting to see how the fleet of a specific airline grew over time, and not only that; you can also precisely see how much they grew with factory new aircraft vs. used market ones.

If you are looking to buy a used aircraft, you can now easily drill into a specific serial number or registration and see who operated the aircraft throughout its lifetime. You can also determine when and how long the aircraft was stored in transition periods between two operators.

To travel back in time and see how the global airline fleets looked like in, for example, 2002,  you just need to select the dates, and the search results are here.

Fleets history module is an addition to ch-aviation PRO and ch-aviation fleets advanced. More details on the features and the pricing can be found on the fleets history product page.

FLEETS HISTORY INTRODUCTION WEBINAR: Join one of our product update webinars and learn how to use and browse throughout the historical data. Please click here to subscribe.

Dear ch-aviation community, I am happy to give you another update on all features and fixes our development team has released throughout September.


  • News Tags

We have added news tags. You can now filter our news by tags. Please choose from one of many news tags in the dropdown menu and search our news archive based on it. For example, available tags are ACMI/Charter, Aircraft Orders, Cargo, Low-Cost Carriers, Out of Business, and many more. If you are interested in a specific set of tags, save your search according to these tags and use it as a search template each time you want to filter out the news.

For example, if you track cargo markets these days, choose the „cargo“ tag, and the latest news on this topic will show up.  


  • Aircraft Location

You can now search for stored aircraft by airport where the aircraft currently is located. In the „Geographical“ column, enter the designated airport in the „Aircraft Location“ field and get a list of all stored, scrapped, derelict, maintenance, etc. aircraft there. You can add multiple locations to the aircraft location search list.

  • Operator type

You can now search aircraft by operator type. In the „Operator“ column, select the desired operator type in the „operator type“ field and get a list of all airlines of that type. For example, you can choose scheduled carriers, virtual carriers, passenger charters, and many more. You can also choose multiple operator types in the search list.

  • Aircraft availability

You can now choose between Sale, ACMI, or Lease when searching for available aircraft to filter out the type of availability. Filtering by these criteria will display all data related to aircraft availability, such as:

  • Company
  • Contact Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Available for Lease/ACMI/Sale
  • Listed Date
  • Available From


  • Additional columns to search result and download files

We have added new data fields to the aircraft search results. This was done based on requests from some customers who implement our data into their own internal databases or data warehouses. You can now download Aircraft IDs or Natural IDs from the aircraft search as well.

Each aircraft in ch-aviation’s fleets advanced database has a unique numerical aircraft ID (int(11)) and a natural ID combining production line and serial number (char(30)).

Airlines and operators are assigned a unique 2-3 character alphanumeric ch-aviation code (char(3)) that remains stable unlike IATA or ICAO codes which are changing at times.

Likewise, ch-aviation assigns a unique 4 character alphanumeric ch-aviation code (char(4)) to entities that are not airlines or operators themselves, such as aircraft owners, managers, cargo customers, airline holding companies etc.

We have also added more aircraft data fields, such as:

  • Number of Engines
  • Manufacturer
  • Delivery Year
  • Manufactured Year
  • Operator Country ISO Code
  • Operator ch-aviation Code
  • Former Operator ch-aviation Code
  • Delivery Operator ch-aviation Code
  • Future Operator ch-aviation Code
  • ACMI Customer ch-aviation Code
  • Location Airport Code
  • Location Country ISO Code
  • Cargo customer Entity ch-aviation Code
  • Manager Entity ch-aviation Code
  • Owner Entity ch-aviation Code

If you want to have an in-depth tour on these new features, please book a demo here.

Aircraft Lease End Dates:

Over the last couple of years we have built an extensive aircraft lease end-date database that we are now releasing.

The new aircraft lease end data is part of the ch-aviation fleets ownership module and will be displayed for every aircraft on an operating lease for which ch-aviation is able to provide confirmed dates or make projections. As a user, you will be able to look at expiring leases through 2030. This feature is a great addition to our aircraft finance data and our early 2020 release of Aircraft Valuations, which provides users with current market value and market lease rates for more than 28,000 aircraft in ch-aviation’s fleets database.

To be precise: We are now tracking Lease End Dates as well as Lease End Date ‘types’, down to a specific serial number. We are differentiating between Confirmed Lease End Dates, Minimum Confirmed Lease End Dates dates (if airlines only confirm that the aircraft will at least still be leased until a certain future year), and Estimated Lease End Dates as established by information provided airlines/lessors or estimations of our own.

On the module: Users of the ch-aviation fleets ownership module have direct, round-the-clock access to a comprehensive database of commercial aircraft in which they can set the necessary search parameters to filter for information they need. This module contains our full aircraft ownership data. It offers information such as the portfolio of lessors including the types and number of aircraft they own or manage. Our coverage currently extends to more than 1,000 aircraft legal owners worldwide as well as details on the underlying special purpose vehicles (SPVs) that own the aircraft with more being added every week.

In-Seat Video / In-Flight Connectivity

Two new features were released within the ch-aviation fleets advanced module. Our fleets database now tracks if each aircraft is equipped with in-seat video (with a breakdown by the cabin) and/or in-flight internet connectivity. We provide this data on a tail-by-tail level alongside other technical information, such as seating capacity, aircraft utilization, aircraft age, and engines installed — just to name a few.

In the aircraft tab, within the „Seating“ column, users will be able to search for the aircraft by „In-seat video“ or „In-flight Connectivity“, with simple YES or NO indicators. This way users will be able to filter whether seats are equipped with in-seat video or if the aircraft is connected.

On the module: The ch-aviation fleets advanced module is an extension of ch-aviation PRO, enabling you to access our detailed aircraft production lists with over 50,000 aircraft around the world currently being tracked, including engine information, utilization data, utilization forecasts, orders placed with all the large aircraft manufacturers, and additional valuable information.

Seeing a growing demand for airline data intelligence in these times of unprecedented changes in the industry, ch-aviation is speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers. Stay tuned for more upcoming, big releases which will add significant value for our ch-aviation PRO subscribers.

PRODUCT UPDATE WEBINAR: Join one of our product update webinars and learn how to use and find the new Lease End Date / In-Seat Video / In-Flight Connectivity Data. Please click HERE to subscribe.

The load of data and information is quickly growing at ch-aviation. And now we’ve developed a new tool to access information tailored just for you.

ch-aviation PRO users now have an access to the “My Regions” tool, accessible from your profile page. You can create your own list of data searches of regions with a list of countries:

After choosing the “Add region” option you are able to define the region name and attach the countries from the list to this region. Continent filter enables a quicker search. Simply click > to move countries of a specified region.

User-created regions are available using Airlines Search (requires ch-aviation PRO), Aircraft Search, Aircraft Order Search, Utilisation Search (requires ch-aviation fleets advanced), or Contacts Search (requires ch-aviation contacts). “My regions” will be added to other searches later.

We have also created a list of pre-defined regions available to use for every ch-aviation PRO user:

After selecting a specific region (or a few regions) you will get results filtered by this geographical criteria, for whatever type of data you are searching. This personalised filtering should enable you to focus on your area of interest for your business.

These new features are now available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers.

Stay tuned for future developments of ch-aviation. We are speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers . Feel free to use ch-aviation Ideas portal to suggest new features for ch-aviation.

At ch-aviation we are constantly adding new ways to access our world-leading aircraft database. And now we’ve added another improvement for ch-aviation fleets advanced subscribers – aircraft variant pages as an additional gateway to browse aircraft data.

The Aircraft Variant page is similar to the aircraft data page, but it gives you access to specific aircraft variant information.

The newly designed page provides technical data of the aircraft variant, including maximum passengers, maximum takeoff weight, speed and noise category. Additional data columns include IATA and ICAO codes, delivery locations, first-flight date, production lines, and cockpit crew data. Specific aircraft variants also have value estimations (available for ch-aviation ownership subscribers only) and operators table:

The aircraft variant page can be accessed from various pages, including the aircraft data page, where all variants for this aircraft are now listed; also aircraft detail pages, news articles where aircraft variants are mentioned, lessor portfolios and more.

Also, you will find links to aircraft variant detail information when using ch-aviation aircraft search and also charter aircraft search, utilisation search and other fleet related searches:

These new features are now available for ch-aviation PRO fleets and ch-aviation PRO fleets advanced subscribers (some data requires fleets ownership subscription too).

Seeing growing demand for airline data intelligence in these times of unprecedented changes in the industry, ch-aviation is speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers. Aircraft histories, lease-end dates, in-seat video, in-flight connectivity and much more data is coming for ch-aviation PRO subscribers in 2020.

With many passenger scheduled flights grounded due to reduced demand and government-imposed limitations worldwide, freight operators are seeking other ways to deliver cargo capacity. Some airlines are using their passenger aircraft with only belly capacity for cargo carriage.

We recommend following COVID-19 airline updates available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers for the latest updates. We have a special daily tracker called “Carriers deploy passenger aircraft as freighters.”

A more interesting move by some airlines is the quick conversion to additional cargo capacity by removing passenger seats from the cabin. A growing number of airlines around the world have begun reconfiguring their passenger aircraft as makeshift freighters, with cabin modification, to meet soaring demand for cargo capacity in the current COVID-19 global economic climate.

The ch-aviation fleets advanced module enables you to search for such aircraft.

For example, this Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER, registered as C-FIVX, had seats removed and is now used to carry more cargo than using just the belly capacity. We set this aircraft in cargo role.

ch-aviation fleets advanced subscribers are able to search for passenger aircraft in cargo role. You can use our “Aircraft Search” feature and select passenger aircraft type or model (or family) with setting “Cargo” as aircraft role search criteria.

For example, as of May 4, 2020, such search returns results of two active aircraft, one A320 from “Air Serbia” and 1 A319 from “FlyBosnia.”

We played a bit more and did a quick search that lasted less than one second to see what Boeing 777-300ERs are now in active service with seats removed for cargo roles:

Such query results with seven aircraft from “Air Canada” and “Ethiopian Airlines”:

Our data researchers are updating fleet data every day. More and more airlines are in talks with aircraft manufacturers about the conversion of its passenger aircraft to freighters.

Development in the industry are now very rapid, so stay tuned with the latest updates available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers.

At ch-aviation we are running a powerful contact database with more than 10,000 airline management contacts (10,827 as of today, to be exact). More than 4,200 people are active as CEO-level contacts.

Over the last 12 months, we noticed that 376 companies changed their CEOs (they left, resigned, retired, were suspended or deceased). That means around 9% of CEOs changed from April 2018 to March 2019. That is a slight increase from the 338 changes in the previous period from April 2017 to March 2018.

In total, we made 2,404 role changes in our Contacts database from April 2018 to March 2019. Again, this is an increase from 2,195 a year earlier.

We expect this year will bring way more changes between airline management positions as the industry faces an unprecedented crisis. At ch-aviation, we track people changes in the industry for almost any active and start-up airline on the planet.

The contacts database is also used to deliver “Who’s on the Move” news — updates on new appointments, resignations and job changes in airline management. This feature currently celebrates its first birthday: We delivered “Who’s on the Move” in March 2019 and it’s had 290 updates since its launch.

We now have a special offer for new subscribers to get a “Starter Package” at ch-aviation.com. The combo deal includes the ch-aviation PRO subscription with access to exclusive News from the industry, airlines database (including our famous start-up tracker) and airports database. It also includes online access to ch-aviation contacts (names, titles, email addresses, links to Linkedin accounts, etc.) with the recently introduced, powerful new Contacts Search feature (Contacts Downloads feature is optional).

Stay well informed – contact sales@ch-aviation.com and get the subscription for the first year of “Starter Pack” for EUR1399. In times like these, it is important to stay up to date.

The offer is valid until 31st of May, 2020.

After we launched our redesigned Airline Search with hundreds of new options to filter the airlines you need, it’s time for enhanced access to another data set – Contacts.

At ch-aviation we are following more than 10,000 senior airline management contacts. As of now, information was only accessible through the tab in the airline profile, where you can check management contact information for almost any active and start-up airline on the planet.

But now Contacts also has new advanced search capabilities. You can access the Contact Search by choosing the second tab in the Airlines section.

The search form will be intuitive for anyone already using our Fleets search or Airline search. You are able to filter contacts by airline type, airline location, airlines fleet details or even engine details! Last, but not least, we included the option to search by personal details  like name or job title.

contact downloads

Search results are visible on the same page after a quick search. You are able to edit columns and add information you need for better results filtering. Any column also works as sorting criteria.

contacts download

New Contact Search capabilities are available for everyone who has an active ch-aviation PRO + Contacts subscription. If you are interested in this, please let us know and we will arrange a demonstration for you. Also, we offer trials so you can see how Contacts data can benefit your business.

And to help you keep track of job chages, these are reported on the „Who‘s on the move“ section under the News tab (included in ch-aviation PRO + Contacts subscription).

For a quick familiarization of this new Contact Search tool, you are invited to join one of these free online webinars:

From now on we offer an opportunity to download Contact Search results. You can edit the columns you need and get access to an unlimited number of downloads in Excel, CSV or JSON formats.

Contact Downloads are available for 750 EUR as an addition to your ch-aviation PRO + Contacts subscription.

Contact Downloads joins the list of other downloadable options of ch-aviation data. You can also download Fleets, Ownership and Airlines data. All these databases can integrate with your business intelligence systems, CRM or market monitoring tools. Please get in touch with us to see how these powerful additions can benefit your business.