It’s all about the value.

Our ch-aviation Fleet Ownership now literally brings more value to your business.

ch-aviation has teamed up with Collateral Verifications to introduce aircraft valuation data for ch-aviation PRO subscribers. Collateral Verifications is a leading global provider of advisory, technical and valuation services with an established base in aviation and aerospace markets.

Every subscriber of ch-aviation’s Fleet Ownership now has access to Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate for more than 28,000 aircraft in ch-aviation’s fleets database.

We are providing values for the following aircraft types:

Airbus A220-100/300;

Airbus A300-600R/600R(F);

Airbus A310-300/300(F);

Airbus A318/A319/A320/A320N/A321/A321N/A321NX/A321NX(LR);

Airbus A330-200/200F/300/300Regional/900N;

Airbus A340-300/500/600;

Airbus A350-900/900(ULR);

Airbus A380-800;

Boeing B717-200;

Boeing B737-300/300(F)/300(SF)/400/400(F)/400(SF)/500/600/700/800/900/900(ER);

Boeing B747-400/400(BCF)/400(BDSF)/400(ER)/400(ERF)/400(FSCD)/8/8(F);

Boeing B757-200/200(PCF)/200(PF)/200(SF);

Boeing B767-300/300(ER)/300(ERBCF)/300(ERBDSF)/300(F);

Boeing B777-200(ER)/200(F)/200(LR)/300/300(ER);

Boeing B787-8/9/10;

CRJ1000ER/100ER/100LR/200ER/200LR/550ER/700 Srs 701/700 Srs 701ER/700 Srs 702/700 Srs 702ER/900ER/900LR;


ERJ 170-100LR/100SE/100STD/100SU/200LL/200LR/200STD/200SU;

ERJ 190-100AR/100LR/100SR/100STD/200AR/200LR/200STD/300;



SSJ 100/95B/95LR;




ERJ 170-100SE/100STD/100SU/100LR/200LL/200STD/200SU/200LR;

ERJ 190-100SR/100STD/100AR/300/100LR/200STD/200LR/400;






Our valuations data gets updated three times per year, in January, May, and September. The updates are then published at the beginning of the following month — February, June, and October.

How to use it?

On the specific aircraft page we provide a new section, Aircraft Value, where we show Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate for a specific tail in USD.

Our Aircraft Search now includes the possibility to search aircraft by Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate. You can use those parameters for filtering, together with a combination with other geographical, operator or ownership selectors. For example, you can extract a list of all Airbus 319 in Europe with market lease rates under 100,000 USD per month.

In the lessors profiles the lessor portfolio now includes values of specific aircraft types, including the value of aircraft owned and managed.

The ownership sheet in the Airline profile page is also now expanded with the market values of the owned fleet for the airline:

Aircraft Valuations are available as part of ch-aviation’s Fleet Ownership package. To subscribe you also have to be a ch-aviation PRO and Fleets Advanced subscriber.

Aircraft Valuations are also downloadable if you have ch-aviation Fleets Download attached to your subscription.

Interested in trying Aircraft Valuations? Contact and you’ll get a free 14-day trial to taste the value.

We’re introducing a series of free webinars to introduce this new feature. Just grab your virtual seat and join a 30-minute introduction on how this new data can add value to your business.

The story behind our new logo

This is a big day for us.

Finally, we can proudly present what we’ve been working on lately besides all the amazing features like new searches, airline and contact downloads, hours and cycles data, etc.

Our new logo is the same yet different. Recognizable, but more clean, clear and bold. Here’s the story behind our new logo:

Why did we re-design?

  • We are growing. We want to show you how much we care about our visual appearance and the message we send. Swiss style, simple and clean, but bold and fierce. This refreshed look is just a first step in keeping up with trends and technologies.
  • Our old logo carried so much on its shoulders — what started with three people is now a company with more than 30 worldwide. Data quantity and quality have marked these years of constant work and growth, which, in the end, led to our success. If you ask us, our focus was on building the quality of information that you rely on, and for us the inside was always what really mattered. Now that we are confident in our ability to provide your growing needs it’s time to put on some makeup on and shine even brighter.
  • Our first logo brought us through good (and maybe not that good) times, and it was really growing with us. But it needed more place, more space, more vibe … and we needed to let it go.

Here’s the story behind our very first logo:

  • Our original logo was designed almost 10 years ago by a student, Simon Bachofen. We hadn’t had one for nearly a decade, so we thought this might be a good investment. It was a symbolic spending but a great lift off for us.
  • Interesting fact: The logo was originally designed in a rectangle shape only and every time we had to use the quadrant version we would spend hours trying to get it just right.
  • Another interesting fact: The first time we placed the logo on a wall, the printer had to do it twice because the contrails were too thin and broke when coming out of the machine!

Dear Old Logo, thank you for all you done for us. A toast to our loved one.

Now we would like to introduce our new look.

We worked more than half a year to find a look that fit us, our customers and partners all around the world. While there are a number of companies that provide airline intelligence and compete on the basis of quantity and accessibility, at ch-aviation we focus not on the information itself, but on the value it provides.

We seek to be a well-respected and trustworthy partner who can help achieve your goals. That’s why we are not just a tool for information – we are a measure to success. Our data helps business around the world reach specific goals and thrive.

Aerodynamics is the symbol behind the idea of our new logo. Aerodynamics gives the edge to achieve goals. We teamed up with small agency, Holly Affair, to create a new Swiss crown logo and identity for ch-aviation.

Just take a look:

So, what does the logo say?

  • It says that we are definitely keeping up the good work but also starting to nurture something new. We have followed the rule of „something new, something old and something borrowed“ – our new look and new office, together with our „old“ and permanent data quality and industry knowledge along with the color scheme borrowed from our old visual identity – to create a perfect future.

We proudly look behind — but bravely forward. Meet the new look of ch-aviation.

The year 2019 was good to us and we couldn’t be more proud of our 2 million unique visitors!

Santa decided to visit us early — we already celebrated that milestone in mid-December. If you’re expecting a speech, you might just get one – proud work and proud people stand behind this amazing result!

An average of 10 news articles daily, 50 weekly and 350 monthly made for more than 5,000 news items throughout the year 2019. Our news was the most visited content, contributing to our success.

As a loyal supporter (thank you, thank you), you might be interested in some of the numbers we crunched:

  • October was a popular month with almost 250,000 users. The first day of the month, Tuesday the 1st, saw the most visits day for us in 2019, when we celebrated 34,555 users in just one day. This also led to the most popular week (29.09. – 05.10.2019.) with 86,313 users in one week.
  • “The most users per hour” medal goes to Sunday, November 10th at 20:00 (GMT+ 1) with more than 6,000 users!
  • When it comes to demographics, almost 1 million of our visitors are US (498,257) and UK (450,488) citizens, followed by Germany (81,711) and Canada (81,159). Top cities were London (143,705), Chicago (134,141), Ashburn (59,215) and New York (32,230).

Technology-wise, our users are mostly using our data through their mobile phones (54%), followed by desktop (39%) and tablet (7%). Almost 50% of the traffic is direct traffic, followed by organic searches (33%), referral (13%), e-Mail (4%) and other (4%).

The first month of the new year already brought more than 100,000 visitors, so looks like we’re not stopping with the celebration. Might get back to you on that very soon!

The ch-aviation news team published around 5,000 news articles in 2019. It was an interesting year for the industry with many ups and downs, airlines going out of business but also more new start-ups created.

Our world-leading airline business newsdesk is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our editors are around the globe and our newsfeed is updated around the clock. Actually, we do not know any other source in the industry with this kind of coverage.

With 2019 coming to an end, we reviewed the most popular articles of the year.

The most-read story covers part of the unfortunate ending of Thomas Cook Airlines UK. At the same time, the articles covered new opportunities for other players: the story about what is going to happen with Thomas Cook UK’s slots was the most popular story on ch-aviation by our readers in 2019: “Scramble for Thomas Cook UK slots as Condor seeks new owner”.

Actually, the number 2 story is part of the coverage of the same saga of Thomas Cook Airlines collapse. The runner-up in the most-read story list was Thomas Cook files for bankruptcy protection in the US.

The 3rd most read story is part of another hot topic in 2019: Boeing 737MAX grounding. Back in August, we covered Icelandair’s doubts if the Icelandic airline will replace Boeing fleet with Airbus aircraft: Icelandair likely to change Boeing fleet to Airbus – report. This is the most-read exclusive article available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers only.

The 4th and 5th most-read articles reflect another interesting development of 2019: Airbus’s decision to stop A380 production. After the decision was made by the large aircraft manufacturer, we wrote quite a few articles about airlines’ reaction to this decision.

The 4th most popular article: Emirates retires B777-300s, starts A380 phase-out. The 5th most popular story was about another large airline from another continent: Qantas to retire B747 by YE20, A380 through late 2020s.

Besides Icelandair’s Boeing vs. Airbus decision, other top stories from ch-aviation PRO exclusive articles were about Singapore Airlines’ decision to reactivate the A330 due to B787 groundings, Icelandair’s lease-in of Q400 capacity, Ryanair’s plan to use a Polish subsidiary for Canary Island bases, and Pakistan’s consideration of closing airspace to India in August.

Thank you for keeping up with our updates about the airline industry. On behalf of our news team from around the world, we wish you a happy and healthy new year with continued success for your business.

Holidays are coming but at ch-aviation, we’ve already received our present – last week we reached 2 million unique visitors on our website during 2019!

Thank you for your loyalty and trust.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2020 from all of us at ch-aviation!


In a meeting held in Zagreb on May 14th 2019, AvioRadar President, Nenad Sredojević and Project Manager Bruno Habus met with representatives of ch-aviation, notably the firm’s CEO Thomas Jaeger and COO, Sanja Pleš. The meeting resulted in an ongoing partnership agreement being signed on May 28th 2019.

The aviation industry is rapidly changing, and audiences always want to be kept up-to-date with the latest news, insights and information. This strategic partnership will help ensure that AvioRadar readers obtain the most relevant and current aviation news and industry data available. As a result of the partnership, readers of AvioRadar will now benefit from more detailed airline fleet data and the most recent regional route network updates which will include information on new and terminated routes, planned operation periods and carriers.

“We are delighted to enter into a partnership with AvioRadar,” ch-aviation CEO, Thomas Jaeger says. “Serving a global clientele, we are pleased to be able to work with companies based in Croatia, where we have strong links and a twenty strong workforce employed in data research and sales roles. I strongly believe our industry-leading data will be extremely beneficial for AvioRadar journalists preparing local coverage of aviation news.”