Happy Holidays and all the best for 2018!

Dear ch-aviation subscribers & friends,

a fantastic year 2017 is coming to an end. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your outstanding support over the last 19 years. You’ve heard right, ch-aviation is turning twenty in 2018. Never would I have expected, when starting ch-aviation in 1998 in the “computer room” of my high school (the only computer with a internet connection in my life was there at the time) that ch-aviation would once reach 1.6 million people per year all over the world.

While it all started as a sporadically published newsletter that featured airline industry news, over the last 5 years ch-aviation has evolved to become one of the largest and most trusted airline industry data providers in the civil aviation world. We are now serving all main aircraft manufacturers, the largest airports, leasing companies, banks, technical suppliers and many other of the most reputable aviation companies in the world with our data. Even when you do profane things like checking in from a mobile app or looking for airline schedules, it is very likely that at least parts of the data needed for these operations are produced, curated and most importantly quality assured by us.

And it does not stop there, we have a fully lined up development pipeline for 2018 currently in production. Stay tuned for aircraft hours and cycles forecasts, a very sophisticated live alert center on industry events, advanced schedule and capacity reporting and a game changing charter aircraft search tool, just to name a few examples.

If you would like to join us on our journey to become the Bloomberg of aviation please let us know! We are currently hiring for a Director of Sales for the Airports and Travel Technology target markets, a Business Analyst and a QA Engineer, just drop us an E-Mail at iwanttowork@ch-aviation.com and we fill you in to all the details.

Thank you very much

Thomas Jaeger

Chief Executive Officer


P.S. Meet us in 2018 at the following events:

Dublin Air Finance Conferences (23.-24.01.2018)

Hamburg Aviation Conference (08.-09.02.2018)

Connect, Tbilisi (20.-22.02.2018)

Aviation Festival Asia, Singapore (27.-28.02.2018)

ISTAT Americas, San Diego (04.-06.03.2018)

ITB Berlin (07.-09.03.2018)

MRO Americas, Orlando (10.-12.04.2018)

Routes Europe, Bilbao (22.-24.04.2018)

ISTAT Asia, Singapore (08.-10.05.2018)

EBACE, Geneva (29.-31.05.2018)

AP&M, London (30.-31.05.2018)

IATA AGM, Sydney (03.-05.06.2018)

Farnborough Air Show (16.-22.07.2018)

ACPC, Orlando (18.-21.08.2018)

Aviation Festival Europe, London (06.-07.09.2018)

World Routes, Guangzhou (15.-18.09.2018)

ISTAT Europe, Prague (23.-25.09.2018)

MRO Europe, Amsterdam (04.-05.10.2018)

ERA GA, Edinburgh (09.-11.10.2018);

Just drop us an email at: sales@ch-aviation.com to schedule something.


ch-aviation interview: Peter Glade, Commercial Director Sun Express

ch-aviation CEO Thomas Jaeger had a chat with Peter Glade, Commercial Director of Sun Express. Read our exclusive interview to find out about the Turkish carrier’s challenges, how it works with its ‘brothers and sisters’, and what it perceives as its strengths.

Learn about SunExpress on ch-aviation:

Let’s start with a look at the history, Peter. The past two years were quite challenging for SunExpress. In general, how has SunExpress dealt with touristic developments in Turkey so far? And how have your other core markets, for example Egypt, been affected?

If we take a look back to 2015, we had 76% less touristic arrivals in Hurghada, 36% less touristic arrivals in Antalya – those are our two core markets if we’re talking about touristic development. SunExpress has been extremely successful in converting that into only 8% less passengers. Read more

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Aircraft fleet data – ch-aviation PRO update

With the latest update of ch-aviation PRO we have added new features and functionalities to the ch-aviation fleet module. You can now easily see seat data, and also search on MTOW, build date, and seat info. Read more


Data Analysis Just Got Better With Downloads

A little over a month ago we added one of our most requested features to ch-aviation PRO – fleets download. We released this feature together with the big revamp of our fleets search function, allowing you – our customers – to get the most out of our datasets for perfect search results. Hearing from the people who use ch-aviation PRO every day helps us build features that make a difference in your daily work.

We are happy to say that the initial launch was very well received, and based on feedback from our users, we are already preparing small updates that will enhance the look and feel even further.

What can downloads do for you?

Let’s say your boss has a marvellous vision to expand your business to a new geographical area.

“Africa,” he says. “Let’s go to Africa!”

Read more


Introducing: Fleet Data Download Module

We are extremely thrilled to announce that our ch-aviation aircraft fleet data is now ready for instant download!

We have spent months developing a sharp, easy-to-use and superfast logic that allows you to download any of your search queries within our aircraft database. Don’t waste any more time copying and pasting fleet data into a spreadsheet or into your internal databases with our new fleet data download module.

Sign up for the ch-aviation Fleets Download and get your data within seconds either as XLS, CSV or JSON file. You can download your queries as many times as you like.

We have, as always, managed to create a real deal breaker. Get high quality aircraft data from Switzerland at a fraction of the usual industry rates.

Get a full downloadable fleet database for only EUR 2’999.00 per year.

Contact sales@ch-aviation.com for any further information.


Smartly tracking fleet changes

In day to day work, it all comes down to finding the right information and quickly. In aviation, things are happening at an ever faster pace. That is why we are committed to providing you with fast, easy-to-find and accurate information.

When we released our new modules in 2015, we focused on providing clear visibility into different data sets, each one cross-referenced to each other – and aimed to make your searches easy, quick and painless.

However, there was one question we heard quite often: How can you locate constant changes occurring in our database?

Read more

Meet us in 2017

These are our events for 2017. If you would like to meet with us just drop us a line at: sales@ch-aviation.com
Read more


ch-aviation pro – new features

ch-aviation has exciting new features ready for you and your colleagues with the new additions we have made available for ch-aviation pro. As of today, you will be able to use our airline intelligence information even more effectively thanks to the following new product features we have just rolled out for you:

1) Aircraft Search by Continent

You are now able to search the more than 43’000 aircraft we track in our database by continent as well:

2) Capacities, Frequencies and ASK/ASM for Airlines, Airports and Routes

Airline profiles now feature weekly capacity, frequency, ASK/ASM (Available Seat Kilometers/Miles) with Top 10 airports served by capacity/frequency, Top 10 routes by weekly capacity, frequency and ASK/ASM. Drilldowns allow you to easily look at the data on a route or airport level.

Airport profiles now feature weekly capacity, frequency, ASK/ASM (Available Seat Kilometers/Miles) with Top 10 airlines serving the airport by capacity/frequency, Top 10 routes by weekly capacity, frequency and ASK/ASM. Drilldowns allow you to easily look at the data on a route or airline level.

Analyze airline capacities using a combination of OAG schedule data and ch-aviation fleet data (for five cabins: Economy, Economy Plus/Comfort, Premium Economy, Business and First). Search by any combination of continent, country, state, metro group or airport. Filter by airline, alliance, aircraft type, service type or flight type (domestic/international) and either look up rankings by capacity, frequency or ASK/ASM. Results can be grouped by Airline and Origin, Airline and Destination, Airline and Route, Airline, Route, Origin or Destination:

Look up airline market shares on a route level by capacity and frequency:

3) Schedule Search enhancements
Schedule searches now also allow to look up schedules between continents or from a continent to a certain country, state, metro group or airport:

It is now also supported to search by schedule period instead of just a single date or a full week:

Flight details show flight capacity (for five cabins: Economy, Economy Plus/Comfort, Premium Economy, Business and First):

4) Airline Crew bases

ch-aviation pro now shows crew bases for each carrier …

… and for each airport: