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Welcome to ch-aviation’s 1st annual Year in Review, where we bring you our recap of everything that happened. First of all, we want to thank you for staying with us during this very different year. We did our best to keep you updated, give you useful insights, and provide you with valuable data. In 2020, we have focused on making ch-aviation even better, for you.

We counted 1.9 million visitors on our website during 2020. February was the most popular month, with 241,075 users. The most visits per day we had on Monday, June 22nd. 26,615 visits on a single day. That was also the most popular week for us this year, with 70,237 visits in total. In case you do not follow us yet on Linkedin, please do so as we have just reached 30,000 followers there. In case you want to stay connected with us in a more traditional way, our Newsletter is now read by more than 80.000 subscribers a week.

ch-aviation’s news team has released 13,104 news articles so far in 2020, including 179 interviews with senior management executives. We have also published 61 blog articles, most of them following the impact of the pandemic on the industry, and we’ve sent out over 4.4 million Sunday newsletters.

Our database has been growing this year as well. Take a look at some of the most interesting numbers and stats:

Our teams have been working hard to reach many milestones throughout the year, product updates and data releases, which have improved our database quality and customer experience significantly. Take a look at our development timeline:

Our visitors are mostly Chrome users (58.3%), using Windows as their operating system (33.4%) and accessing the data via their Mobile devices (52.7%).

When it comes to demographics, our visitors are coming from around the world with the US (490,731) and the UK (281.714) at the top, followed by India (88.173), Germany (66,328), and Canada (64,270). Chicago (94,184), London (82,773), Dubai (27.712), Dublin (25.229), and Washington DC (24,024) are the cities where many of our users live.

That’s it from us for this year. Thank you for your loyalty and trust.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2021 from all of us at ch-aviation!

The load of data and information is quickly growing at ch-aviation. And now we’ve developed a new tool to access information tailored just for you.

ch-aviation PRO users now have an access to the “My Regions” tool, accessible from your profile page. You can create your own list of data searches of regions with a list of countries:

After choosing the “Add region” option you are able to define the region name and attach the countries from the list to this region. Continent filter enables a quicker search. Simply click > to move countries of a specified region.

User-created regions are available using Airlines Search (requires ch-aviation PRO), Aircraft Search, Aircraft Order Search, Utilisation Search (requires ch-aviation fleets advanced), or Contacts Search (requires ch-aviation contacts). “My regions” will be added to other searches later.

We have also created a list of pre-defined regions available to use for every ch-aviation PRO user:

After selecting a specific region (or a few regions) you will get results filtered by this geographical criteria, for whatever type of data you are searching. This personalised filtering should enable you to focus on your area of interest for your business.

These new features are now available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers.

Stay tuned for future developments of ch-aviation. We are speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers . Feel free to use ch-aviation Ideas portal to suggest new features for ch-aviation.

At ch-aviation we are constantly adding new ways to access our world-leading aircraft database. And now we’ve added another improvement for ch-aviation fleets advanced subscribers – aircraft variant pages as an additional gateway to browse aircraft data.

The Aircraft Variant page is similar to the aircraft data page, but it gives you access to specific aircraft variant information.

The newly designed page provides technical data of the aircraft variant, including maximum passengers, maximum takeoff weight, speed and noise category. Additional data columns include IATA and ICAO codes, delivery locations, first-flight date, production lines, and cockpit crew data. Specific aircraft variants also have value estimations (available for ch-aviation ownership subscribers only) and operators table:

The aircraft variant page can be accessed from various pages, including the aircraft data page, where all variants for this aircraft are now listed; also aircraft detail pages, news articles where aircraft variants are mentioned, lessor portfolios and more.

Also, you will find links to aircraft variant detail information when using ch-aviation aircraft search and also charter aircraft search, utilisation search and other fleet related searches:

These new features are now available for ch-aviation PRO fleets and ch-aviation PRO fleets advanced subscribers (some data requires fleets ownership subscription too).

Seeing growing demand for airline data intelligence in these times of unprecedented changes in the industry, ch-aviation is speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers. Aircraft histories, lease-end dates, in-seat video, in-flight connectivity and much more data is coming for ch-aviation PRO subscribers in 2020.

Seeing growing demand for airline data intelligence in these times of unprecedented changes in the industry, ch-aviation is speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers.

During the last 15 months, ch-aviation has launched several new tools and datasets available as subscriptions.

Back in spring 2019, we launched a long-awaited major upgrade to the fleets database – ch-aviation fleets advanced. It includes utilisation data, utilisation forecasts and orders information. Also, last year ch-aviation enhanced features available on the ch-aviation fleets ownership module with more detailed aircraft ownership details. And this February ch-aviation teamed up with Collateral Verifications to introduce aircraft valuation data with Current Market Values and Market Leases Rates, with immediate success.

In these times of changing market conditions, we decided to share some details on further fleet data developments to be delivered for ch-aviation subscribers in 2020.

Recently, we extended the forecast period from two to five years for utilisation data. Soon, we will also add generic estimates: utilisation estimates for the last 24 and next 60 months for the aircraft of carriers that are not sharing utilisation data with us. The dataset will include hours, cycles, average stage length and average daily utilisation per month. We understand estimates are not useful for every user, so these estimates will be clearly marked.

We also plan to introduce in-seat video and in-flight connectivity in our fleet data. We will provide indications of whether an aircraft has in-seat video per cabin and in-flight connectivity. In the first stage, it will come without manufacturers and models, but this data set will be available to use for better aircraft search and filtering.

We will provide confirmed and projected lease-end dates as well as “leased at least until” dates for all aircraft on operating leases. Also, the dataset is going to include confirmed and projected retirement dates (as well as “active at least until”).

Additionally, our fleet data will include scrapped and “stored as of” dates for scrapped or inactive aircraft. This will enable us to report the curves from initial delivery to last operation for each MSN of older programmes. Conversion dates from passenger to freighter configuration will be added for aircraft converted after the year 2000.

A new large data set will deliver aircraft histories. You will be able to get:
– Full operator history for all aircraft still active today.
– Partial operator history for 2000-2020 for all aircraft not currently active anymore.
– Times series reporting will come at later point.

We will add airline history data – exact airline operations start and end dates.

Big things are also coming to Aircraft Order search. The orders will be broken down to tail level:
– The current order backlog information will be broken down into line items with weekly reconciliation of deliveries vs. backlog.
– All fleets data fields will be filled for each ordered aircraft as already obtainable (engine choices, seat configurations, operator for lessor ordered aircraft, where already known).
– We will also provide a confirmed or estimated delivery date against each remaining aircraft on order (for now that will be only for firm orders).

We plan to deliver all these enhancements during 2020, understanding the need of quality and reliable data in these turbulent times.

We will keep our promise to deliver Swiss-quality data with easy access at an affordable price. Contact us and let‘s talk about how we can reduce your market intelligence costs during this turbulence.

In times like these, it’s all about the news.

We just launched a new News search and filtering tool to enable you to stay ahead of the competition with the latest industry updates.

Our 24/7 news desk gives you more than 13 articles a day (on average) and a valuable archive of more than 40,000 news articles.

We are now publishing “Route News” (required subscription of ch-aviation schedules) and “Who’s on the Move” (requires subscription of ch-aviation contacts). “Routes News” is being published at unprecedented levels as airlines cut routes to address a drop in demand. We believe this section will remain with hundreds of weekly updates when airlines start planning resumption of the routes when government-imposed limitations for travel will be lifted.

With a high load of news you’ll need a tool to keep you focused.

Every ch-aviation PRO subscriber now has access to this updated News Search tool, which enables you to create a personal dashboard of news at ch-aviation. The new tool provides the following options:

– Filter news by News Type, to include or exclude Route News and Who’s on the Move from the newsfeed;

– Get news by personal lists or favourites. Using the List Management tool every subscriber has an option to create a number of personal lists to include unlimited number of airlines;

– Filter news by Company and Airport. Also, users are enabled to include a few companies and airports to the newsfeed;

– Search news by text search. For example, searching “Covid-19” enables access to all related news articles;

– Filter news by geography: continents and/or countries;

– Advanced tools also enable you to filter news by aircraft parameters – market group (narrowbody, widebody, regional jet, etc.), manufacturers, aircraft family and type;

– Most search fields allow multiple selection of parameters;

– Users are able to save search parameters and load previously saved searches. This enables you to get a fully personalized news feed.

We also offer a news type cache so your searches and filters will remain for your next visit to ch-aviation. Use “clear search” feature to remove all filters from the news.

We’re continuing to work on News search enhancements, so stay tuned for future updates, including getting immediate alerts about news involving airlines on your radar. Also, in the future you will be able to choose if you want to continue to receive a weekly newsletter or switch to daily frequency, getting full control of the format and time.

Swiss airline intelligence provider ch-aviation announces the launch of aircraft valuation data. A new partnership with Collateral Verifications gives subscribers exclusive access to valuation data with current market values and market lease rates.

Swiss airline intelligence provider ch-aviation has added aircraft valuations to its world-leading airline data portfolio.

Users of ch-aviation’s “fleets ownership” will gain access to current market values and market lease rates for each of the nearly 30,000 active aircraft around the world. The ch-aviation fleets database also provides tail-by-tail information on technical features, seating, aircraft utilisation and ownership data.

Thomas Jaeger, Founder, Owner, CEO

“We have been providing accurate fleet data for the aviation industry for many years and we continue our fast-paced development of new features and datasets for customers”, says ch-aviation CEO Thomas Jaeger. “I’m happy to announce that our partnership with a leading global provider of advisory, technical and valuation services, Collateral Verifications, will enable us to extend fleet data with aircraft valuations. We continue to listen closely to what our customers need, and after launching fleet utilisation data last year, aircraft valuations were the next big step toward a full mix of data needed by our growing aviation industry customer base.”

Gueric Dechavanne, Vice President & Co-Founder

Gueric Dechavanne, vice president and co-founder of US-based Collateral Verifications LLC, celebrated the new partnership, saying: “I am very excited to be working with the team at ch-aviation to provide our market insights on aircraft values and lease rates.  Their efforts in growing and expanding the business has led them to becoming a well-recognized name in the industry for comprehensive and accurate aviation data.  Being able to further enhance their products with our data was a great opportunity for us.  I look forward to providing the latest aircraft market value and lease rate trends to ensure that cb-aviation customers have what they need to make informed decisions about the industry.”

ch-aviation “fleets ownership” is an addition to its “fleets advanced” database, where subscribers have direct, round-the-clock access to a comprehensive database of commercial aircraft in which they can set the necessary search parameters to filter for the information they need. “Fleets ownership” subscribers from now on also have instant access to aircraft valuation data with current market values and market lease rates provided tail by tail for a wide range of commercial aircraft from 30-seat turboprops to the Airbus A380. ch-aviation also provides total values of the owned fleet for airlines or total value of lessor portfolios.

We’re proud and happy to celebrate so many of you keen on our news, post, and insights published daily on the ch-aviation LinkedIn account!

Now with 25,000 followers, we try to keep our impressive audience engaged with accurate information, new features and updated favourites from our development “laboratory.” 

Our LinkedIn Business Page reveals some interesting insights – the biggest number of followers are in Switzerland, followed by India, Spain, Brazil, and France. About a third of them — 33.27% to be exact — work in Operations, followed by Engineers, Business Developers, Sales and IT.

As expected, almost 54% of our followers hail from the Airlines / Aviation industry, followed by Aerospace, Information Technology & Services, Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Logistics, and Supply Chain and Hospitality. Almost a fifth of our followers work in companies with more than 10,000 employees.  

If you’re into the aviation world and still haven’t discovered our page, make sure you follow us

We also suggest you follow some of our management team on LinkedIn: 

Thomas Jaeger is a superstar rocking the LinkedIn world with almost 30,000 followers. Max Oldorf is famous for his viral videos and funny photos, Sanja Ples is the queen of the likes, and Simonas Bartkus is a constructive marketing manager who shares his expertise in many LinkedIn discussions. 

Here you can find our page and support us with just one click:

Thank you for your support!

It’s all about the value.

Our ch-aviation Fleet Ownership now literally brings more value to your business.

ch-aviation has teamed up with Collateral Verifications to introduce aircraft valuation data for ch-aviation PRO subscribers. Collateral Verifications is a leading global provider of advisory, technical and valuation services with an established base in aviation and aerospace markets.

Every subscriber of ch-aviation’s Fleet Ownership now has access to Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate for more than 28,000 aircraft in ch-aviation’s fleets database.

We are providing values for the following aircraft types:

Airbus A220-100/300;

Airbus A300-600R/600R(F);

Airbus A310-300/300(F);

Airbus A318/A319/A320/A320N/A321/A321N/A321NX/A321NX(LR);

Airbus A330-200/200F/300/300Regional/900N;

Airbus A340-300/500/600;

Airbus A350-900/900(ULR);

Airbus A380-800;

Boeing B717-200;

Boeing B737-300/300(F)/300(SF)/400/400(F)/400(SF)/500/600/700/800/900/900(ER);

Boeing B747-400/400(BCF)/400(BDSF)/400(ER)/400(ERF)/400(FSCD)/8/8(F);

Boeing B757-200/200(PCF)/200(PF)/200(SF);

Boeing B767-300/300(ER)/300(ERBCF)/300(ERBDSF)/300(F);

Boeing B777-200(ER)/200(F)/200(LR)/300/300(ER);

Boeing B787-8/9/10;

CRJ1000ER/100ER/100LR/200ER/200LR/550ER/700 Srs 701/700 Srs 701ER/700 Srs 702/700 Srs 702ER/900ER/900LR;


ERJ 170-100LR/100SE/100STD/100SU/200LL/200LR/200STD/200SU;

ERJ 190-100AR/100LR/100SR/100STD/200AR/200LR/200STD/300;



SSJ 100/95B/95LR;




ERJ 170-100SE/100STD/100SU/100LR/200LL/200STD/200SU/200LR;

ERJ 190-100SR/100STD/100AR/300/100LR/200STD/200LR/400;






Our valuations data gets updated three times per year, in January, May, and September. The updates are then published at the beginning of the following month — February, June, and October.

How to use it?

On the specific aircraft page we provide a new section, Aircraft Value, where we show Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate for a specific tail in USD.

Our Aircraft Search now includes the possibility to search aircraft by Current Market Value and Market Lease Rate. You can use those parameters for filtering, together with a combination with other geographical, operator or ownership selectors. For example, you can extract a list of all Airbus 319 in Europe with market lease rates under 100,000 USD per month.

In the lessors profiles the lessor portfolio now includes values of specific aircraft types, including the value of aircraft owned and managed.

The ownership sheet in the Airline profile page is also now expanded with the market values of the owned fleet for the airline:

Aircraft Valuations are available as part of ch-aviation’s Fleet Ownership package. To subscribe you also have to be a ch-aviation PRO and Fleets Advanced subscriber.

Aircraft Valuations are also downloadable if you have ch-aviation Fleets Download attached to your subscription.

Interested in trying Aircraft Valuations? Contact and you’ll get a free 14-day trial to taste the value.

We’re introducing a series of free webinars to introduce this new feature. Just grab your virtual seat and join a 30-minute introduction on how this new data can add value to your business.

The story behind our new logo

This is a big day for us.

Finally, we can proudly present what we’ve been working on lately besides all the amazing features like new searches, airline and contact downloads, hours and cycles data, etc.

Our new logo is the same yet different. Recognizable, but more clean, clear and bold. Here’s the story behind our new logo:

Why did we re-design?

  • We are growing. We want to show you how much we care about our visual appearance and the message we send. Swiss style, simple and clean, but bold and fierce. This refreshed look is just a first step in keeping up with trends and technologies.
  • Our old logo carried so much on its shoulders — what started with three people is now a company with more than 30 worldwide. Data quantity and quality have marked these years of constant work and growth, which, in the end, led to our success. If you ask us, our focus was on building the quality of information that you rely on, and for us the inside was always what really mattered. Now that we are confident in our ability to provide your growing needs it’s time to put on some makeup on and shine even brighter.
  • Our first logo brought us through good (and maybe not that good) times, and it was really growing with us. But it needed more place, more space, more vibe … and we needed to let it go.

Here’s the story behind our very first logo:

  • Our original logo was designed almost 10 years ago by a student, Simon Bachofen. We hadn’t had one for nearly a decade, so we thought this might be a good investment. It was a symbolic spending but a great lift off for us.
  • Interesting fact: The logo was originally designed in a rectangle shape only and every time we had to use the quadrant version we would spend hours trying to get it just right.
  • Another interesting fact: The first time we placed the logo on a wall, the printer had to do it twice because the contrails were too thin and broke when coming out of the machine!

Dear Old Logo, thank you for all you done for us. A toast to our loved one.

Now we would like to introduce our new look.

We worked more than half a year to find a look that fit us, our customers and partners all around the world. While there are a number of companies that provide airline intelligence and compete on the basis of quantity and accessibility, at ch-aviation we focus not on the information itself, but on the value it provides.

We seek to be a well-respected and trustworthy partner who can help achieve your goals. That’s why we are not just a tool for information – we are a measure to success. Our data helps business around the world reach specific goals and thrive.

Aerodynamics is the symbol behind the idea of our new logo. Aerodynamics gives the edge to achieve goals. We teamed up with small agency, Holly Affair, to create a new Swiss crown logo and identity for ch-aviation.

Just take a look:

So, what does the logo say?

  • It says that we are definitely keeping up the good work but also starting to nurture something new. We have followed the rule of „something new, something old and something borrowed“ – our new look and new office, together with our „old“ and permanent data quality and industry knowledge along with the color scheme borrowed from our old visual identity – to create a perfect future.

We proudly look behind — but bravely forward. Meet the new look of ch-aviation.