We’ve made some great improvements over the last month regarding ch-aviation search features and User Experience.

  • Look into the future. You can now search for aircraft by future operators.
  • News articles from airlines that rebranded are now centralised within that latest operator profile. News articles about historical airlines rebranded or merged into a new airline will be available in the latest airline profile.
  • News search by the specific airline now includes all articles released before and after rebranding.
  • Contact Data now easier to map. A small bug was fixed within Contacts Search.
  • You are now able to search airlines by ch-aviation airline code.
  • We’ve fixed order links within the airline search. Within the airline search, you can now add a column Aircraft on Order. This will show you a full number of aircraft on order and lead you to an Aircraft order Search full view

Look into the future.

After the launch of Aircraft Order, Delivery, Retirement Data, we’ve now further enhanced the aircraft search criteria a bit. You can now also search all aircraft by their future operator. Choose one of the operators that have orders open, and you will be able to see how many aircraft are to be delivered.

Contact Data Improvements

  • Our Contact data is now easier to map with existing other databases. Airline contact search results and the contacts export file will now show additional data points that make it easier to map the data to an existing contacts database like in CRM system such as Salesforce or Pipedrive. For example we now provide you with a unique Contact ID, Airline ch-aviation Code, Airline Type Code, Location ID, Country ISO, EU Country, and Job Groups.
  • We’ve also fixed the bug that was impacting the search of contacts by job groups. A small bug was fixed within Contacts Search, so you’re again able to research contacts by job group.

News Search Improvements

We’ve made it easier for you to keep track of news and airlines when they are rebranding or merging into a new airline. Before this update, news articles would show up at the airline profile of the previous airline name. With this release, we’ve linked all the news before and after rebranding to the latest operator so that all related news can be found at a single source.

The same will be applied to the news search filters. If you’re, for example, searching for news articles connected to smartavia, all the news articles of AVL – Arkhangelsk Airlines, Aeroflot-Nord and Nordavia that get rebranded to smartavia will also be included in the search results.  

Airline Search Improvements

Last but not least, we’ve fixed some small bugs when it comes to the airline search.

  • Now you can also search for airlines by the internal ch-aviation airline code.
  • We’ve also fixed order links within the airline search. You can now add a column Aircraft on Order. This will show you a full number of aircraft on order and lead you to an Aircraft order Search full view.

Currently, our development team is working on massive improvements in our News distribution system and some functionalities that have been asked for very often in the past, like News Alert Center. We’ll make sure to give you an update later this summer when it’s finally released.

If you’re interested to learn more about the new functionalities, feel free to join any of our free webinars here.

To give our customers better and detailed insight into the In-Flight Connectivity and Entertainment (IFEC) industry, we have teamed up with Valour Consultancy, an independent research company, merging its in-depth IFEC intelligence with our own extensive fleet database.

The collaboration means that the ch-aviation customer will be able to see which IFEC system, from which manufacturer is installed on an aircraft, how the system was installed (retrofit or a line fitment) and who the service provider for it is.

These are the data points that can now be added to our fleet data:

IFC – (Inflight Connectivity System)

  • IFC product type (Wi-Fi / cellular / Wi-Fi and cellular)
  • Service provider
  • Fitment type (retro/line fitment)
  • Technology type (L-band / Ku-band / Ka-band / 2Ku / ATG / Hybrid)

IFE – (Inflight Entertainment System)

  • Product type (seatback, overhead, fixed installation W-IFE, portable W-IFE)
  • Service provider and equipment providers
  • Fitment type (retrofit / line fitment)
  • Internet-enabled / not Internet-enabled (W-IFE)

Both datasets form Valour Consultancy’s quarterly IFC and IFE trackers, representing a fundamental part of the company’s portfolio of aviation intelligence. The data has become a trusted source of information for Valour’s clients located worldwide and is subject to a comprehensive due diligence process, ensuring a high level of accuracy. It is recommended for anyone with a vested interest in the IFEC space and seeking regular updates on installation activity or new wins.

Furthermore, Valour Consultancy is committed to gradually expanding its IFEC trackers with new data points being introduced regularly through subscriber feedback.

About Valour Consultancy:

Valour Consultancy is an award-winning, independent market intelligence provider and consultancy services based in the United Kingdom and Australia. Founded in 2012, the company has grown rapidly and is renowned for its comprehensive and high-quality research. Having firmly established itself in the aviation space, where many companies rely on its expert insight and analysis, Valour Consultancy is expanding into other segments, such as land and space, through organic growth and partnerships. In April 2020, Valour Consultancy was honoured with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade.

For more information or a sample file, please contact us directly at: sales@ch-aviation.com

With our new Aircraft Order, Aircraft Delivery and Aircraft Retirement Data, you are now ahead of the game by thoroughly predicting market trends and detecting future market demands earlier than your competitors. You can now plan the future and make the right decisions based on our data. These features are an upgrade of the existing ch-aviation fleets advanced module.

After the launch of our fleets history module in December, enabling our users to go back in time, we’re now allowing them to “look” into the future.

We understand how hard and frustrating it is to get ahold of reliable Order Book data. Tracking this Data and all the changes yourself, especially in the current situation, is almost impossible. The numerous order cancellations are not making this situation any easier. Our research team has spent months researching and verifying Order book information using hundreds of different sources under the most complex circumstances. This valuable data shall help you now to plan the post-pandemic future as best as possible.

You are now able to:

  • Search for Aircraft Orders by Order Entity, Order Date, Order Cancellation Date, with Order Commentary included
  • Search for Aircraft Deliveries by Delivery Date or Delivery Dana Type, which can be Confirmed, Estimated or Actual
  • Search for Aircraft Retirement Data by Project Retirement Date or Projected Retirement Data Type, which can be Confirmed, Estimated or Minimum Until Date

Take a look at the video below explaining the new features in details and how to use and benefit from them:

Another example of how this Data enables you to plan your business’s future can be seen in the graph below, where you can see all the deliveries for European LCCs for the next ten years.

As an Airport, you want to know which Airlines are getting new aircraft in the future because that means they will have to open new routes and bases. It is straightforward for you to pull a list of all outstanding orders for any narrowbody aircraft in Europe and when they are getting delivered. That’s how you figure out when is the right time to approach an airline to convince them to base those new aircraft at your airport.

As a lessor, you want to know how the supply of a specific aircraft type is growing or shrinking in the future so you can predict how the market will look like. For lessors, it is also helpful to know when aircraft types are rolling over from one generation to another. That way, you can forecast the best timing to transition your portfolio. For example, suppose you’re now in possession of a large Boeing 737 NG aircraft portfolio, and you are looking into replacing it with the new Boeing 737MAX. Our Data will show you exactly how many Boeing 737NG’s are out there, how many will be retired and when. Then you can compare this to how many Boeing 737MAX are on order, how many are being delivered and when. That way, you can very quickly determine if that is a good aircraft to invest in or if you should look into another type instead. This will greatly help you to plan your future investments and enable you to be one step ahead of understanding the market trends.

If you want to see how to access the Data, please book a webinar here: https://calendly.com/ch-aviation-team/microsoft-teams-call.

The total global fleet size is still under the influence of the worldwide pandemic. At the beginning of April, the total global fleet size counts 27,538; out of which 19,709 are active and 7,829 grounded. If we compare these numbers to March 2021, we can see the number of grounded aircraft has slightly increased.

Asia and North America continue to have the highest number of active fleets for the fourth month in a row. Asia counts 7,552 active aircraft, which is a 2% decrease in the number of active aircraft compared to March 2021. North America counts 6,183 active aircraft and is followed by Europe with 3,841, while Africa counts 783, South America 718 and Oceania 632.

North America618316867869
South America7183891107
Grand Total19709782927538

We have compared the numbers of a total active fleet for January, February, March and April 2021 with the same months in the previous year. Take a look at the graphs showing the comparison:

China takes the lead when it comes to the TOP 10 countries with the highest percentage of active fleets. With a total fleet of 3,790 aircraft, 90.92% are active, meaning China currently has 3,446 aircraft flying. The list also includes Japan, Ethiopia, Taiwan (number one on the list in March 2021), the United States of America, Mexico, India, Qatar, New Zealand and Australia.

countryactivegroundedtotal% active
Taiwan (Province of China)1723120384.73%
United States of America (the)53601117647782.75%
New Zealand962211881.36%

Hong Kong leads the list of TOP 10 countries with the highest percentage of grounded fleets by an airline, with 68.20% of their fleet grounded. The list is followed by the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Iran (the Islamic Republic of) and Singapore, all of them having more than 50.00% of their fleet grounded.

countryactivegroundedtotal% grounded
Hong Kong7616323968.20%
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)25251176366.97%
Philippines (the)10411622052.73%
Iran (Islamic Republic of)12512124649.19%

Once again, we have analysed lessors with more than 50 aircraft in their fleet. Here is an updated list of the top 25 with the most active aircraft in their portfolio.

We use ch-aviation fleets advanced and fleets ownership data for this analysis. To get full and detailed insights on active and inactive aircraft, visit the following LINK.

Nothing changes quicker than the airline industry right now. With more than 4’000 airlines on this planet, one can quickly lose oversight. That’s where we come into play. A ch-aviation subscription lifts the fog of the airline industry through our airline data and news. You will know who is around, how they are doing, and in an instant have access to all important airline managers.

Kickstart your business for 2021. If you subscribe now, we’ll give you one month for free on top.

The offer is limited and valid only for subscriptions purchased in January 2021.

Contact us directly to make use of this offer.

Welcome to ch-aviation’s 1st annual Year in Review, where we bring you our recap of everything that happened. First of all, we want to thank you for staying with us during this very different year. We did our best to keep you updated, give you useful insights, and provide you with valuable data. In 2020, we have focused on making ch-aviation even better, for you.

We counted 1.9 million visitors on our website during 2020. February was the most popular month, with 241,075 users. The most visits per day we had on Monday, June 22nd. 26,615 visits on a single day. That was also the most popular week for us this year, with 70,237 visits in total. In case you do not follow us yet on Linkedin, please do so as we have just reached 30,000 followers there. In case you want to stay connected with us in a more traditional way, our Newsletter is now read by more than 80.000 subscribers a week.

ch-aviation’s news team has released 13,104 news articles so far in 2020, including 179 interviews with senior management executives. We have also published 61 blog articles, most of them following the impact of the pandemic on the industry, and we’ve sent out over 4.4 million Sunday newsletters.

Our database has been growing this year as well. Take a look at some of the most interesting numbers and stats:

Our teams have been working hard to reach many milestones throughout the year, product updates and data releases, which have improved our database quality and customer experience significantly. Take a look at our development timeline:

Our visitors are mostly Chrome users (58.3%), using Windows as their operating system (33.4%) and accessing the data via their Mobile devices (52.7%).

When it comes to demographics, our visitors are coming from around the world with the US (490,731) and the UK (281.714) at the top, followed by India (88.173), Germany (66,328), and Canada (64,270). Chicago (94,184), London (82,773), Dubai (27.712), Dublin (25.229), and Washington DC (24,024) are the cities where many of our users live.

That’s it from us for this year. Thank you for your loyalty and trust.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2021 from all of us at ch-aviation!

The load of data and information is quickly growing at ch-aviation. And now we’ve developed a new tool to access information tailored just for you.

ch-aviation PRO users now have an access to the “My Regions” tool, accessible from your profile page. You can create your own list of data searches of regions with a list of countries:

After choosing the “Add region” option you are able to define the region name and attach the countries from the list to this region. Continent filter enables a quicker search. Simply click > to move countries of a specified region.

User-created regions are available using Airlines Search (requires ch-aviation PRO), Aircraft Search, Aircraft Order Search, Utilisation Search (requires ch-aviation fleets advanced), or Contacts Search (requires ch-aviation contacts). “My regions” will be added to other searches later.

We have also created a list of pre-defined regions available to use for every ch-aviation PRO user:

After selecting a specific region (or a few regions) you will get results filtered by this geographical criteria, for whatever type of data you are searching. This personalised filtering should enable you to focus on your area of interest for your business.

These new features are now available for ch-aviation PRO subscribers.

Stay tuned for future developments of ch-aviation. We are speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers . Feel free to use ch-aviation Ideas portal to suggest new features for ch-aviation.

At ch-aviation we are constantly adding new ways to access our world-leading aircraft database. And now we’ve added another improvement for ch-aviation fleets advanced subscribers – aircraft variant pages as an additional gateway to browse aircraft data.

The Aircraft Variant page is similar to the aircraft data page, but it gives you access to specific aircraft variant information.

The newly designed page provides technical data of the aircraft variant, including maximum passengers, maximum takeoff weight, speed and noise category. Additional data columns include IATA and ICAO codes, delivery locations, first-flight date, production lines, and cockpit crew data. Specific aircraft variants also have value estimations (available for ch-aviation ownership subscribers only) and operators table:

The aircraft variant page can be accessed from various pages, including the aircraft data page, where all variants for this aircraft are now listed; also aircraft detail pages, news articles where aircraft variants are mentioned, lessor portfolios and more.

Also, you will find links to aircraft variant detail information when using ch-aviation aircraft search and also charter aircraft search, utilisation search and other fleet related searches:

These new features are now available for ch-aviation PRO fleets and ch-aviation PRO fleets advanced subscribers (some data requires fleets ownership subscription too).

Seeing growing demand for airline data intelligence in these times of unprecedented changes in the industry, ch-aviation is speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers. Aircraft histories, lease-end dates, in-seat video, in-flight connectivity and much more data is coming for ch-aviation PRO subscribers in 2020.

Seeing growing demand for airline data intelligence in these times of unprecedented changes in the industry, ch-aviation is speeding up our planned fleet data developments to deliver more data for our customers.

During the last 15 months, ch-aviation has launched several new tools and datasets available as subscriptions.

Back in spring 2019, we launched a long-awaited major upgrade to the fleets database – ch-aviation fleets advanced. It includes utilisation data, utilisation forecasts and orders information. Also, last year ch-aviation enhanced features available on the ch-aviation fleets ownership module with more detailed aircraft ownership details. And this February ch-aviation teamed up with Collateral Verifications to introduce aircraft valuation data with Current Market Values and Market Leases Rates, with immediate success.

In these times of changing market conditions, we decided to share some details on further fleet data developments to be delivered for ch-aviation subscribers in 2020.

Recently, we extended the forecast period from two to five years for utilisation data. Soon, we will also add generic estimates: utilisation estimates for the last 24 and next 60 months for the aircraft of carriers that are not sharing utilisation data with us. The dataset will include hours, cycles, average stage length and average daily utilisation per month. We understand estimates are not useful for every user, so these estimates will be clearly marked.

We also plan to introduce in-seat video and in-flight connectivity in our fleet data. We will provide indications of whether an aircraft has in-seat video per cabin and in-flight connectivity. In the first stage, it will come without manufacturers and models, but this data set will be available to use for better aircraft search and filtering.

We will provide confirmed and projected lease-end dates as well as “leased at least until” dates for all aircraft on operating leases. Also, the dataset is going to include confirmed and projected retirement dates (as well as “active at least until”).

Additionally, our fleet data will include scrapped and “stored as of” dates for scrapped or inactive aircraft. This will enable us to report the curves from initial delivery to last operation for each MSN of older programmes. Conversion dates from passenger to freighter configuration will be added for aircraft converted after the year 2000.

A new large data set will deliver aircraft histories. You will be able to get:
– Full operator history for all aircraft still active today.
– Partial operator history for 2000-2020 for all aircraft not currently active anymore.
– Times series reporting will come at later point.

We will add airline history data – exact airline operations start and end dates.

Big things are also coming to Aircraft Order search. The orders will be broken down to tail level:
– The current order backlog information will be broken down into line items with weekly reconciliation of deliveries vs. backlog.
– All fleets data fields will be filled for each ordered aircraft as already obtainable (engine choices, seat configurations, operator for lessor ordered aircraft, where already known).
– We will also provide a confirmed or estimated delivery date against each remaining aircraft on order (for now that will be only for firm orders).

We plan to deliver all these enhancements during 2020, understanding the need of quality and reliable data in these turbulent times.

We will keep our promise to deliver Swiss-quality data with easy access at an affordable price. Contact us and let‘s talk about how we can reduce your market intelligence costs during this turbulence.

In times like these, it’s all about the news.

We just launched a new News search and filtering tool to enable you to stay ahead of the competition with the latest industry updates.

Our 24/7 news desk gives you more than 13 articles a day (on average) and a valuable archive of more than 40,000 news articles.

We are now publishing “Route News” (required subscription of ch-aviation schedules) and “Who’s on the Move” (requires subscription of ch-aviation contacts). “Routes News” is being published at unprecedented levels as airlines cut routes to address a drop in demand. We believe this section will remain with hundreds of weekly updates when airlines start planning resumption of the routes when government-imposed limitations for travel will be lifted.

With a high load of news you’ll need a tool to keep you focused.

Every ch-aviation PRO subscriber now has access to this updated News Search tool, which enables you to create a personal dashboard of news at ch-aviation. The new tool provides the following options:

– Filter news by News Type, to include or exclude Route News and Who’s on the Move from the newsfeed;

– Get news by personal lists or favourites. Using the List Management tool every subscriber has an option to create a number of personal lists to include unlimited number of airlines;

– Filter news by Company and Airport. Also, users are enabled to include a few companies and airports to the newsfeed;

– Search news by text search. For example, searching “Covid-19” enables access to all related news articles;

– Filter news by geography: continents and/or countries;

– Advanced tools also enable you to filter news by aircraft parameters – market group (narrowbody, widebody, regional jet, etc.), manufacturers, aircraft family and type;

– Most search fields allow multiple selection of parameters;

– Users are able to save search parameters and load previously saved searches. This enables you to get a fully personalized news feed.

We also offer a news type cache so your searches and filters will remain for your next visit to ch-aviation. Use “clear search” feature to remove all filters from the news.

We’re continuing to work on News search enhancements, so stay tuned for future updates, including getting immediate alerts about news involving airlines on your radar. Also, in the future you will be able to choose if you want to continue to receive a weekly newsletter or switch to daily frequency, getting full control of the format and time.