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ch-aviation interview: Paul Graham, CEO FlyPelican

FlyPelican, in its current incarnation, has been flying for just over two years, but is already building a strong business on Australia’s east coast. Part of that comes down to the strength of its people, says CEO Paul Graham, who sat down for a chat with ch-aviation journalist Nat Newman. Paul talks about the long […]

ch-aviation interview: Edgardo Badiali, CEO Libyan Wings

Founded in 2014, privately-owned Libyan Wings has eked out a niche for itself in one of the world’s most unstable countries – Libya. Using a pair of A319s, it has developed a small, but sustainable, international route network serving Tunisia and Turkey with plans to expand to other North African states. ch-aviation’s Thomas Jaeger recently […]

ch-aviation interview: Tewolde Gebremariam, CEO Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s largest carrier by Available Seat Kilometers (ASKs) ahead of its Star Alliance partners South African Airways and EgyptAir. Unlike its two alliance partners, it has also been consistently profitable for years constantly growing its hub in Addis Ababa providing more connectivity from Africa to the world. Ahead of the delivery of […]

ch-aviation interview: Trade Air

Founded in 1994, Trade Air has become a well-known player within the European charter market. Currently the Croatian airline operates two Fokker 100 aircraft and has recently begun scheduled domestic services with a wet-leased Embraer 120. Max Oldorf talked with Managing Director, Captain Marko Cvijin and Sanja Ples, Marketing and Sales Director about the current […]

ch-aviation interview: Transaero – Dimitriy Stolyarov

An interview with Transaero Deputy General Director Dimitriy Stolyarov. Transaero is the second largest airline in Russia. Privately owned the airline currently operates 95 aircraft with orders in place for the Airbus A380 and the Boeing Dreamliner. In this interview Transaero’s Deputy General Director Dimitriy Stolyarov talks about the challenges running an airline in Russia, the […]

Europe’s regional airline market grounds to a halt

An in-depth analysis of the European regional airline market and its development within the last five years, 33% of all regional carriers in Europe went out of business between 2008 and today, nearly one fourth of the employees lost their jobs. … __________________________________________________________________________________________ Authors: Hanna Schaal (PROLOGIS) schaal@prologis.aero and Max Oldorf (ch-aviation) max.oldorf@ch-aviation.ch __________________________________________________________________________________________ Are European Regionals’ Successful […]

Middle East carriers racing for world market share

An in-depth analysis of their network expansion strategies and the impact on the EU carriers How the major three Gulf carriers are quickly and steadily drawing a new and different “world map” of aviation … __________________________________________________________________________________________ The condensed market study by PROLOGIS and ch-aviation clearly shows how Middle East airlines are revolutionizing the airline industry and exerting pressure […]