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The moves in airline management intensified before COVID19. Now we expect even more changes.

At ch-aviation we are running a powerful contact database with more than 10,000 airline management contacts (10,827 as of today, to be exact). More than 4,200 people are active as CEO-level contacts. Over the last 12 months, we noticed that 376 companies changed their CEOs (they left, resigned, retired, were suspended or deceased). That means […]


The number of grounded aircraft worldwide has increased to 19,000

Our latest analysis shows that 59% of the total airline fleets around the world are now grounded. Based on data from ch-aviation’s fleets advanced data, 19,068 aircraft are now parked for storage or maintenance globally. Compared to a ch-aviation analysis done two weeks earlier, the number of grounded aircraft has increased from 55% to 59%, […]


China domestic capacity is full of optimism as the world’s capacity continues to decline

After the sixth week of monitoring global airline capacities, we see the scheduled total seats continuing to decline. Airlines are still grounding aircraft and the global capacity is being cut each week. We analysed the data from the ch-aviation capacities module. The world’s scheduled capacity is now smaller than one-third the size it was expected […]


The capacity trend in different regions started to differentiate (sign of recovery in Asia)

This is the fifth week in a row we are following the capacity trends globally to understand the shifts in capacity during the COVID-19 crisis. Again, we see another round of cuts made by the airlines to match dropping demand and react to government limitations. We analysed the data from the ch-aviation capacities module. The […]

The news you need – your way

In times like these, it’s all about the news. We just launched a new News search and filtering tool to enable you to stay ahead of the competition with the latest industry updates. Our 24/7 news desk gives you more than 13 articles a day (on average) and a valuable archive of more than 40,000 […]


The search for the bottom of capacity cuts still in progress

Last week’s capacities update, where we stated the airlines vanished half of the scheduled weekly seats, was not the bottom of COVID-19 crisis. This week we see airlines further cutting capacity with another portion of weekly seats removed from scheduled capacity. Still, we see the airlines still are in firefighting mode and updating their schedules […]


Airlines in China reduced schedules for the current week but remain optimistic for recovery

Back in the middle of February 2020, we looked at the groundings of aircraft by Chinese airlines. Last week we looked at our data showing the number of active aircraft in China started to increase, while the number of grounded aircraft by Hong Kong airlines continue to grow. Last week we saw Chinese airlines had […]