55% of fleets grounded in the beginning of April. 59% of fleets grounded at the end of April. 57% of fleets grounded at the beginning May. 55% of fleets grounded the end of May. So, our latest analysis shows the trend we noticed weeks ago seems to be true. The number of grounded aircraft is […]

We continue to monitor the scheduled capacity from airlines around the world. This week’s update continues with the trend we’ve seen over the last few weeks – the airline industry is growing the number of seats week by week, but the recovery still doesn’t have traction. There are slight increases based on government-lifted restrictions, but […]

At ch-aviation we are tracking new aircraft deliveries of the largest aircraft manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC, De Havilland, Embraer and Irkut. An analysis of deliveries for the first four months of 2020 shows a significant impact of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic for new aircraft deliveries from manufacturers to airlines. In April, we saw just 15 […]

Our scheduled capacity review this week includes data for the first week of June. You will see, there is a huge jump in scheduled capacity for the period June 1-7 in most graphs. Do airlines believe the traffic will recover on June 1? The answer is most likely “no.” We see a lot of uncertainty […]

Our latest analysis of active aircraft around the world shows another small sign of recovery in the airline industry. We see that 57% of airline fleets globally remain grounded. This is 2% less than what we saw two weeks ago, when, on April 24, we wrote that 59% of airline fleets were grounded. As of […]

After eight weeks of constant capacity reductions, we’re seeing some signs this may be the bottom and that we are at the lowest point of current scheduled capacity levels. Airlines continue to remove capacity from the last weeks of May and further months, showing reduced optimism for a fast return of demand. But the size […]

Our latest analysis shows that 59% of the total airline fleets around the world are now grounded. Based on data from ch-aviation’s fleets advanced data, 19,068 aircraft are now parked for storage or maintenance globally. Compared to a ch-aviation analysis done two weeks earlier, the number of grounded aircraft has increased from 55% to 59%, […]

After the sixth week of monitoring global airline capacities, we see the scheduled total seats continuing to decline. Airlines are still grounding aircraft and the global capacity is being cut each week. We analysed the data from the ch-aviation capacities module. The world’s scheduled capacity is now smaller than one-third the size it was expected […]