World’s youngest airplane fleets revealed

  Chur, Switzerland 10 August 2017 – Europe and China compete for world’s youngest fleets. Africa and North America come in last. Who would expect that two European low-cost airlines would have some of the youngest aircraft in the world? As millions of people head to the airport to go on summer vacation, ch-aviation has […]

Sudan: Never say never

Reading through the global news headlines I couldn’t help noticing that, for the last few weeks, most of the world’s attention has centred on Washington’s relationship with two of its longtime foes – North Korea and Iran. The former intent on threatening its way out of its current economic and diplomatic chokehold, the latter trying […]

Market Monitor 2015 – Facts & Figures of the Airline Industry

The year 2015 in a nutshell – Get the report here!   Read more about the 2015 developments in the Aviation Market In this report, aviation consultancy PROLOGIS presents the year 2015 in figures. This is a market monitor, based on data prepared by airline intelligence provider ch-aviation, that summarizes capacity, frequency and fleet developments […]

Europe’s regional airline market grounds to a halt

An in-depth analysis of the European regional airline market and its development within the last five years, 33% of all regional carriers in Europe went out of business between 2008 and today, nearly one fourth of the employees lost their jobs. … __________________________________________________________________________________________ Authors: Hanna Schaal (PROLOGIS) schaal@prologis.aero and Max Oldorf (ch-aviation) max.oldorf@ch-aviation.ch __________________________________________________________________________________________ Are European Regionals’ Successful […]

Middle East carriers racing for world market share

An in-depth analysis of their network expansion strategies and the impact on the EU carriers How the major three Gulf carriers are quickly and steadily drawing a new and different “world map” of aviation … __________________________________________________________________________________________ The condensed market study by PROLOGIS and ch-aviation clearly shows how Middle East airlines are revolutionizing the airline industry and exerting pressure […]