Our latest analysis shows that 59% of the total airline fleets around the world are now grounded. Based on data from ch-aviation’s fleets advanced data, 19,068 aircraft are now parked for storage or maintenance globally.

Compared to a ch-aviation analysis done two weeks earlier, the number of grounded aircraft has increased from 55% to 59%, or by more than 1,000. Still, this does not fully reflect the situation in the industry as many airlines have reduced utilisation to a minimum to avoid storing aircraft.

The highest proportion of grounded aircraft is now in Europe, where airlines increased the number to 75%. Asia now has fewer aircraft grounded than two weeks earlier (50% vs 52%), but North America has increased its grounded fleet from 39% to 47%. Still, this is not reflected in the level of operations. Utilisation is not taken into consideration, and it makes Southwest Airlines the largest airline in the world now by active fleet numbers.

Active Total %, grounded
Africa 412 1,545 73%
Asia 5,386 10,850 50%
Europe 1,967 6,040 75%
North America 5,247 9,981 47%
Oceania 298 950 69%
South America 378 1,402 73%

The most popular narrow-body types are not grounded equally. We see 69% of Airbus A320-200s grounded, while B737-700 and A320-200N are relatively more used.

Active Total %, grounded
B737-800 1,966 4,841 59%
A320-200 1,268 4,144 69%
A321-200 558 1,611 65%
A319-100 443 1,217 64%
B737-700 586 987 41%
A320-200N 401 940 41%

Among the most popular widebodies, the A330 is the most-grounded aircraft, though the A380 has the highest proportion of grounded aircraft with just four units active and 234 grounded.

Active Total %, grounded
B777-300(ER) 335 808 59%
A330-300 194 868 72%
B787-9 231 536 57%
A330-200 97 490 80%
B787-8 97 365 73%
B767-300(ER) 92 347 73%

Important to mention that long-haul freighters are not impacted by the groundings. 181 B777-200Fs are flying (98% of total) and 165 of 767-300Fs are also active (95% of total). We see articles about passenger jets being used for belly freight capacity only, but we see this does not have any material impact on aircraft remaining active.

When we looked at aircraft groundings in the largest markets, we see quite significant gaps. 80% of all aircraft are grounded in India while in China now only 25% of total fleets are stored. This is a slight reduction compared to February, when we saw more than 29% of the fleet grounded by Chinese airlines.

Active Total %, grounded
United States of America 4,612 8,195 44%
China 2,934 3,920 25%
Russian Federation 496 1,170 58%
Canada 392 1,043 62%
United Kingdom 199 911 78%
India 172 842 80%

We use ch-aviation fleets advanced data for this analysis. Our fleet team works to deliver the latest updates on airline commercial fleets globally.

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