IOSA data: a little goes a long way!

From now on, we are providing information on airlines participating in the IATA Operational Safety Audit certification (‘IOSA’). Despite being just a minor update in the quantity of data, the new information available will give you a lot of power.

What is IOSA? It is an internationally recognised and accepted evaluation scheme that has been run by IATA since 2003. The IOSA audit gives airlines an audit grade (i.e. IOSA certified or not IOSA certified) that is comparable on a worldwide basis. This standard certification enables and maximises the joint use of audit reports and provides a basis of evaluation between airlines. The companies are included in the IOSA registry for a period of 2 years following an audit carried out by an organisation accredited by IATA. As of now, there are 422 accredited airlines.

While it may seem like this is a minor addition to the airline profiles, it provides much more value when used in conjunction with the data available through ch-aviation PRO.

In airline profiles, we can see that in the last row if the airline is IOSA certified, or not.

If you are ch-aviation fleets advanced subscriber, your search capabilities just became more powerful: for example, you are able to filter aircraft operated by IOSA certified airlines:

We also believe this new data will be beneficial for all our charter aircraft module subscribers, as you will be able to restrict searches to IOSA certified airlines only.

While this is just another column in the extensive data we offer to you, we believe it will be very beneficial for you and will allow you to achieve your business goals more easily and quickly.

If your current subscription doesn’t allow you to view this information but you are interested in checking out the new data and the additional search functionality it provides, you can request a complimentary two-week trial here.

Stay tuned for further developments on ch-aviation’s data enhancements. We have a new development coming soon which is a newly-designed airline search where the IOSA certification data will also be incorporated.